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About Us

ICDFB is an international non-profit organization of the blockchain-technology and digital finance ecosystem, established in 2022.
We are trusted by international companies, financial institutions, companies in the blockchain industry, investment funds, crypto exchanges, legal and audit companies.

Our mission

By attracting global investors, business-leaders and regulatory authorities, ICDFB promotes the adoption of blockchain and digital finance technologies in order to create an environment contributed to the growth of innovation, investment and the development of human capital.

Blockchain has the potential to revolutionize how we exchange value, transfer ownership and verify transactions.

Our priorities

We advocate for appropriate regulation of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies both on local and regional levels.

We provide borderless education in blockchain technology, making it accessible to anyone and everyone while building a global transparent community .

Based on new international standards, we aim to facilitate the common understanding of blockchain technology and support its adoption in a safe and secure manner.

We bring together the world’s leading businesses and business leaders to highlight the latest innovations and advances in blockchain technology

The biggest event in the CIS and Europe

International forum on blockchain, digital finance and mining

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Our activities


Promoting development of trade and business relations between countries in the field of blockchain and digital finance.


Informing ICDFB members on global trends and new developments in blockchain technology.


Bringing together major business leaders in the industry to create an effective dialogue that promotes the rational implementation of blockchain technology to improve the quality of people’s life.


Human resources capacity development; training and internship programs.


Providing blockchain technology solutions to improve public services; analytics and expertise.

Regulatory & Legal Support

In partnership with international law firms, we study and forecast regulatory amendments and changes faced by the ecosystem.


ICDFB includes international corporations, leaders of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, financial institutions, investment funds, legal and audit companies. We welcome anyone who wants to access regulators and industry leaders and together shape the future of the industry.